Win Rozario’s family called on the officers to be fired and charged with murder after the footage of the killing was made public by the state’s attorney general.
The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office told THE CITY that their police accountability unit is reviewing the shooting that happened as police cleared out campus protesters.
Tuesday night's campus crackdown happened exactly 56 years after police were called to arrest Columbia students protesting the Vietnam War.
The New York Post and other right-wing outlets ran video stills purporting to show the migrants turning on the officers in midtown Manhattan.
After being stopped, Yusef Salaam said police let him on his way when he identified himself as a member of New York's City Council.
The children were discovered “unconscious and unresponsive,” according to New York police.
A video shows commuters and NYPD officers helping lift a man to safety.
A witness said the driver was apparently trying to beat a yellow light when she hit the 7-year-old.
The suspect could be sentenced to 25 years in prison.
“I see card after card. You’re not allowed to write any of them (up),” said Mathew Bianchi, who alleges a practice of selective enforcement in a new federal lawsuit.