At his sentencing, the girl's mother gave an emotional speech about her young daughter and the accident that left her severely injured.
Jack Blakeslee claimed he enjoyed imagining the “look of surprise” on people's faces when they discovered his creations.
At least 15 others were injured in the Tuesday morning accident.
The CNN anchor checked Rep. Mike Turner as he reacted to Ohioans voting to codify abortion rights into their state constitution.
In yet another indication that overturning Roe v. Wade could spell doom for Republican politicians, voters in the Buckeye State overwhelmingly chose to enshrine the right to an abortion in the state Constitution.
Ohio just became the 24th state to legalize recreational use of marijuana.
The outcome is a huge win for pro-choice advocates in a state where many Republican lawmakers have taken extreme steps to try to ban abortion.
Mailers from the Freedom Foundation dangling a dues “credit” looked like they came from a union president.
"The Late Show" host also made a mockery of the Ohio Republican's would-be job title in the House.
"If only there was something in his background that would suggest he would stand by and look away when bad things were going on," the CNN anchor said.