Plane Crash

Trevor Jacob admitted that he masterminded the November 2021 crash for a video he intended to monetize, according to federal prosecutors.
The aerospace giant wants to avoid paying pain and suffering damages to the families of victims aboard Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302.
All five people aboard a Care Flight air ambulance were killed when the plane went down near Stagecoach, Nevada.
The twin-engine aircraft that crashed in Nepal killed all 72 people on board.
It was not immediately clear what caused the accident, Nepal's Civil Aviation Authority said.
Six people, including the German businessman behind Gold's Gym, are feared dead after a small plane crashed into the Caribbean off the Costa Rican coast.
Both people aboard a single-engine plane were killed when it plummeted out of the sky and into a residential building in Keene, New Hampshire.
The country superstar told People she "didn’t know if I was going to be able to continue" in the wake of the 1991 tragedy.
The single-engine plane was participating in the National Championship Air Races on Sunday when it crashed into a field, killing the pilot, officials said.
The jetliner was carrying 126 people and caught fire after landing at Miami International Airport on Tuesday.