Plane Crash

One witness said the small plane's wing "pulverized" a car as it attempted to make an emergency landing on Interstate 75.
The German actor was bound for St. Lucia in a single-engine plane with his children when an apparent mechanical failure occurred.
Trevor Jacob purposely crashed his plane to gain online views, then destroyed the evidence.
Roberto Canessa survived for 72 days in freezing conditions after he and his rugby teammates crashed in the Andes Mountains.
State Sen. Doug Larsen, his wife and two young children died after the small plane they were in crashed outside Moab.
The unidentified passenger crash-landed the plane at Martha’s Vineyard Airport.
The flight had originally departed from the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas before crashing into the field.
Colombia's president says authorities have found alive four children who survived a small plane crash 40 days ago.
Trevor Jacob admitted that he masterminded the November 2021 crash for a video he intended to monetize, according to federal prosecutors.
The aerospace giant wants to avoid paying pain and suffering damages to the families of victims aboard Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302.