A South Carolina police officer is accused of killing a man who was trying to drive away after the two exchanged blows in a Chick-fil-A parking lot.
The six officers, who were previously sentenced for federal convictions, also pleaded guilty to state charges last year.
Gerald Goines is accused of falsifying information for a no-knock warrant that led to two people being fatally shot by officers.
Footage obtained by a California newspaper appears to show Savannah Graziano was following authorities' commands when she was killed.
Many social media users noted that Trump's support of law enforcement is inconsistent at best.
The students, who attend school in Huntingtown, Maryland, allegedly made Nazi salutes and derogatory remarks about a classmate’s religion.
Attorneys and activists say that a Mississippi sheriff was "complicit" in the criminal acts of deputies he oversaw.
The GOP-led state legislature has voted on a bill that would restrict local governments from passing police reform measures.
The department's headquarters is dealing with a cockroach infestation and many other poor working conditions, according to Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick.
The parents of Ryan Gainer asked the sheriff's department to come “take him in” after an altercation that turned into a mental health crisis.