A law passed last year requires Pornhub and other adult sites to verify users' ages.
Dave Canales, the Panthers' new hire, told all in a book before he got the job.
The “Pirates” adult film star was discovered during a welfare check alongside her boyfriend at a home in Moore, Oklahoma.
Covenant Eyes bills itself as a “screen accountability” app that can help subscribers “quit porn for good.”
Susanna Gibson is running for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates in an election that could strip control of the chamber from Republicans.
"As much as I hoped my students would learn from me throughout the semester, I ended up learning even more from them."
"You will spend the rest of your life trying and failing to wipe yourself off the internet," Marques Jamal Jackson allegedly told his ex-girlfriend.
"Given what a huge part of my life the adult entertainment industry has become, I felt it was time I came out to my mother."