Presidential Debates

Former President Donald Trump instead participated in a competing town hall airing on Fox News.
A Republican operative called Trump's repeated refusals “an intentional slap in the face” to the RNC.
Three GOP debates in Iowa and New Hampshire are set to take place in January: two hosted by CNN and another by ABC News.
Dagen McDowell compared Ramaswamy to your sister’s new boyfriend who inspires you to fake an illness so you don't have to be around him.
The GOP presidential candidates had a fiery exchange after the biotech entrepreneur denigrated their competitor, Nikki Haley.
This debate, just weeks before the Iowa caucuses, didn't reflect much progress in the presidential field from the first time we did this.
Megyn Kelly opened the floor for candidates to openly attack transgender youth on Wednesday night.
“Nikki, I don’t have a woman problem. You have a corruption problem,” Ramaswamy said while holding up a sign that said, “Nikki = Corrupt.”
“Dictator,” “angry, bitter man” and “Voldemort” were among the attacks Christie lobbed at the GOP front-runner, who once again didn't show up to debate.
“Why am I the only person on this stage at least who can say that Jan. 6 now does look like it was an inside job?” the 2024 candidate said during Wednesday's GOP debate.