“Our hearts are still back in Gaza,” one mother told HuffPost. “I die a hundred times a day for my kids.”
Players hope to dedicate a win over Hong Kong — which would see them advance in the Asian Cup for the first time in team history — to those in Gaza.
Qatar said the deal also includes the delivery of additional medicine and humanitarian aid to Palestinians in the besieged territory.
The latest version of the indictment against the Democrat in Manhattan federal court did not identify the member of the Qatari royal family.
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is set to revisit Israel this week to discuss “the need to prevent the conflict from widening,” among other things.
U.S. officials lashed soccer's governing body for sending "a message to LGBTQ+ people that neither they nor their allies are welcome at the World Cup."
Kylian Mbappé is headed back to the World Cup final for a much-anticipated matchup with Lionel Messi after ending Morocco’s historic run.
Kyle Walker and John Stones vowed to bring Dave to England if they won the World Cup. Fortunately for the furry feline, the defeated team is doing so anyway.
John Njau Kibue had been in intensive care since the World Cup stadium fall on Saturday.
Gary Lineker, now a top commentator for the BBC, admitted the United Kingdom has "got issues" too.