Rachel Maddow

“I can’t really believe they are going ahead with it," the MSNBC anchor said of the upcoming ReAwaken America tour being hosted at a Donald Trump hotel.
“I’m not sure either side ideologically is prepared for that," the MSNBC anchor said.
The MSNBC host didn't hold back about the former president following his Truth Social post that claimed he would be arrested on Tuesday.
“In a world of Lauren Boeberts, be a Rachel Maddow,” one Twitter user snapped back at the Colorado Republican.
The MSNBC anchor aired an exclusive unearthed video of the embattled Republican congressman.
A judge is expected to rule on the request later this week.
“The Trumpiest part” of the Republican Party is increasingly supporting this right-wing movement, Maddow noted.
“I’m honored to be anchoring a key hour of television in such a critical time for American democracy," Wagner said.
“For them, the dam has burst,” she said of the justices. “What do you see in their behavior that would give you any reason to believe that they see a reason to stop?”
Under oath, the former president claimed he was afraid of being struck with "very dangerous" airborne fruit.