Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is all but certain to host the men’s 2034 World Cup after the Australian soccer federation declined to enter the bidding contest.
President Joe Biden says he thinks Hamas was motivated to attack Israel in part by a desire to stop that country from normalizing relations with Saudi Arabia.
"None of us want to see suffering by civilians on any side, whether it’s in Israel, whether it’s in Gaza, whether it’s anywhere else," U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.
Many lawmakers and foreign policy experts say the proposal risks exacting a high price from the U.S. without a clear benefit.
The Saudis are particularly keen to boost oil prices to fund Vision 2030, an ambitious plan to overhaul the kingdom’s economy.
Has U.S. prowess on atomic energy failed to keep up with the strict rules Washington sets for working together on peaceful nuclear technologies?
A $2 billion Saudi investment "raises the significant possibility that there was a large quid pro quo" shaping Kushner's actions in the White House, per Raskin.
Senior officials from around 40 countries gathered in Jeddah for a two-day meeting to agree on key principles about how to end the conflict.
The upstart league is hosting a major tournament at The Greenbrier, owned by Senate hopeful Jim Justice — mirroring LIV's relationship with former President Donald Trump.
Saudi Arabia has sought to buy its way into international sports, which critics have dismissed as “sportswashing” in a bid to clean up the kingdom’s image.