Sean Hannity

The CNN anchor said the Fox News personality got “one thing” right about the fallout from Arizona’s abortion ruling.
The Fox News host's spin came after Democrats in the state legislature tried to do just that — but were blocked by Republicans.
The Fox News host said that Republicans "better have a good answer" on the issue.
Many thought the Fox News host was saying the quiet part out loud.
The Fox News host sounded the alarm to viewers with a wild claim about what the president wants from their homes.
The "Late Night" host suspects the Biden campaign is thanking the Fox News host for the "kick-ass new nickname."
The Fox News host replied to the CNN host's criticism, as promised.
The CNN anchor weighed in on the Fox News host's evaluation of the State of the Union address.
The Fox News personality’s replacement of the “Sleepy Joe” moniker after Biden’s State of the Union address backfired.
The House speaker found an odd way to make "small talk" with the vice president at the State of the Union address.