Sesame Street

It has been an emotional week for the little red monster.
"I thought I was just the first of many. Surely after the success of 'Sesame Street' and my contribution to it, all kinds of Latinx talent would flood the media. Not so."
The history of the chain is a lot weirder — and a lot darker — than you might think.
"Without Lloyd Morrisett, there would be no Sesame Street,” said co-creator Joan Ganz Cooney.
The actor, musician and children’s author was widely known for his portrayal of Bob Johnson on the long-running children's show.
The actor spoke to Jimmy Fallon about teaming up with the children's franchise in October for a spoof of "The Avengers."
A Sesame Street-themed park has announced the implementation of diversity and inclusion training for its employees.
Viral videos show Black children being ignored by "Sesame Street" characters, proving that systemic racism has reached the one place that should've been immune.
The actor and singer became an integral part of the childhood of generations of children, and for Latino kids a rare character that looked like them.
The Silk Sonic member said joining "Sesame Street" was a "dream come true."