Sexual Harassment

A designer who worked on the tour's wardrobe is the latest former employee to sue Lizzo, whose spokesperson described the suit as a publicity stunt.
The university suspended Mel Tucker after allegations became public that he sexually harassed an activist and rape survivor during a phone call last year.
Attorneys are going after Spanish Soccer Federation President Luis Rubiales after he kissed national team captain Jenni Hermoso on the mouth after La Roja’s win over England.
“Of course, they wanted to keep their jobs,” their attorney said after TMZ posted photos showing them smiling backstage at a Paris nude cabaret.
The dance crew thanked Lizzo for their tour experience as the singer faces misconduct allegations from former dancers.
Three former backup dancers are accusing the “Truth Hurts” singer of creating a hostile work environment. Lizzo has called the claims of sexual harassment & physical threats “sensationalized.”
A case where a janitor was acquitted after allegedly groping a teenager because the assault lasted less than 10 seconds is inspiring outrage.
Shaun Wiggins, CEO of data analytics firm Soteryx, allegedly convinced a young employee who aspired to join the CIA that sexual "training" was required.
The actor is facing allegations of sexual assault and emotional abuse.
Huw Edwards is "suffering from serious mental health issues," his wife said.