Sexual Harassment

A former server claims her supervisor coerced her into sex and that Trump lawyer Alina Habba strong-armed her into signing an illegal NDA.
“I was just sitting there, hysterical,” the Oscar nominee said about the alleged incident.
The former New York governor was previously accused by 11 different women of nonconsensual kissing, touching and sexual remarks.
The finding against Mel Tucker stems from an investigation into claims lodged by a woman hired to speak to athletes about sexual violence prevention.
“I shouldn’t have to sleep with anybody to secure a deal,” said Emaza Gibson, who alleges that the pop star refused to record with her after she rebuffed him.
"He feigned hesitation about the fact that I had 'just been 16.' But he didn’t move his hand from my thigh."
The singer's legal team dismissed her three former dancers’ allegations of sexual harassment and a hostile work environment.
The school said it terminated what’s left of Tucker’s $95 million, 10-year contract.
A designer who worked on the tour's wardrobe is the latest former employee to sue Lizzo, whose spokesperson described the suit as a publicity stunt.
The university suspended Mel Tucker after allegations became public that he sexually harassed an activist and rape survivor during a phone call last year.