Doctors are still assessing Brian Battie's brain function after he was injured in a Sarasota shooting that killed his brother.
The country's interior minister said a “lone wolf” has been charged in the attack that seriously wounded Robert Fico.
Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Chief Ramey Kyle said officers were called after a dispute started inside the nightclub and “spilled into the street.”
The shooting occurred at a "Ramadan event with hundreds of people," according to a local Fox affiliate.
A 22-year-old woman was arrested by Florida Highway Patrol after shooting two drivers on Monday.
Producer Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones said that Diddy claimed to be "responsible" for the incident in which three bystanders, including Natania Reuben, were shot.
“Following someone to the parking lot and shooting them seven times for allegedly shoplifting is outrageous conduct that cannot be tolerated," her attorney says.
The Tennessee Republican suggested that Denton Loudermill Jr. was an "illegal Alien" and one of the "shooters" at a parade. He was neither.
The Islamic State group’s Afghanistan branch claimed responsibility for Friday’s attack in a statement posted on affiliated channels on social media.
Russian authorities detained 11 people, according to state media, after gunmen stormed a concert hall in Moscow in a grisly attack.