The body of a man found near Alicante is believed to be Maksim Kuzminov, who flew a Russian army helicopter on his escape across the front lines with Ukraine last year.
A poster by the Seville artist Salustiano García Cruz shows a youthful Christ, suffering minimally.
Police in Spain allege they “falsified documentation to get the bodies from hospitals and retirement homes in order to later sell them to universities for research.”
Authorities declared an environmental emergency after a shipping container fell off a transport vessel.
Global supermarket chain Carrefour will stop selling items like Lay's potato chips, Quaker Oats and Pepsi in its stores in France, Belgium, Spain and Italy.
In a country that has long eschewed atomic power, young physicists and their allies are hoping that fresh political upheaval will offer a chance to change minds.
Barcelona’s Museum of Forbidden Art offers a second chance to art that has suffered censorship for religious, sexual, political or commercial reasons.
“The new government is going to have a marked feminist accent," said reelected Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.
Police said he was shot around 1:30 p.m. local time and was conscious when taken to a hospital.
Surging olive oil prices, driven in part by two years of drought in Spain, has meant opportunity for criminals across the Mediterranean.