Stormy Daniels

Manhattan prosecutors had raised Joe Tacopina’s prior communications with the porn star as a concern, but the judge found no conflict of interest.
The former president faces more than 30 charges related to payments to Stormy Daniels.
Judge Juan Manuel Merchan scheduled the hearing to go over the restrictions with Trump and to make clear that he risks being held in contempt if he violates them.
Cohen, a key figure in the Stormy Daniels hush-money charges against Trump, violated attorney-client privilege and spread lies, the $500 million lawsuit claims.
The trial was set for April 25, but attorney Joseph Tacopina contends that the former president's right to a fair trial depends on a “cooling off” period.
New legislation from House Republicans would allow former presidents to move state prosecutions to federal courts.
On Fox News, Donald Trump vividly described how New York City courthouse workers cried after he was arraigned.
The late night host offered a not-so-subtle correction to the ex-president's boast.
In a new interview, the porn star at the center of Donald Trump's hush money case said he has been “dethroned” and is “no longer untouchable.”
The coup-attempting former president opted not to insult Justice Juan Merchan's integrity to his face when given the opportunity.