Stormy Daniels

In trying to argue that nondisclosure agreements are common and legal, Trump contradicted his lawyers' story that he wasn’t aware of the deal.
"The Late Show" host turned back the clock for this one.
"Look at these dorks," the "Late Night" comedian joked, before delivering multiple new monikers for the group.
Onetime press secretary Stephanie Grisham said this line of attack probably won't work.
The conservative attorney is trying to goad the former president into testifying at his criminal trial in the Stormy Daniels hush money case.
During an appearance on CNN, Barrett Blade said neither a guilty or innocent verdict would be a win for his wife.
Critics aren’t buying this big claim by the son of the former president.
The former president and his allies found a new way to use his criminal trial to try to raise cash.
"The Late Show" host mocked a bizarre slip of the tongue from someone reportedly vying for the Republican vice presidential slot.
"The Daily Show" correspondent reveals who's trying a little too hard for the former president's VP slot.