Susan Collins

"America needs someone with the right values, vigor, and judgment to serve as our next President," the Alaska Republican senator said Friday.
Trump has sweeping plans to give himself more power if reelected, but some members of his own party are indicating they're not on board.
The former senator from Minnesota roasted his onetime colleague from Maine.
In a draft provision obtained by HuffPost, Sen. Susan Collins (R) and others seek to void a judge’s order for stronger safeguards for North Atlantic right whales.
The GOP senator said the surprise move by Democrats could make it harder to convince fellow Republicans to get on board.
The senator's vote was pivotal to the confirmation of the conservative justice to the Supreme Court in 2018.
"Chalk is as lasting as Susan Collins' moral stance on anything," one critic hit back at the Maine Republican.
The Independent criticized the closed sidewalk in front of the Supreme Court as his fellow Maine lawmaker faced heat for calling the cops over a chalk message.
The Maine Republican previously voted against a bill that would codify Roe v. Wade, which the Supreme Court is poised to overturn this summer.
"Strap in," the host of "The Late Show" warned his viewers.