Roger was "too friendly and boisterous" for work in drug detection — but his personality was perfect for a search-and-rescue dog.
Taiwanese Primer Chen Chien-jen visited some earthquake evacuees in the morning at a temporary shelter.
A strong earthquake has shaken Taiwan, damaging buildings in a southern city and creating a tsunami that washed ashore on Japanese islands.
Industry pros share the places that stole their hearts and launched their careers.
Multiple incidents have raised concerns of a possible accident occurring that could lead to an escalation between the U.S. and China at a time when tensions are already high.
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), on Wednesday, joined a growing series of foreign legislators who have met Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen.
Tsai Ing-wen's visit comes as the U.S.-China relationship has fallen to historic lows, with U.S. support for Taiwan becoming one of the main points of contention.
Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has tentatively scheduled a meeting with U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in Los Angeles, on April 5.
Beijing's diplomatic victory comes as tensions rise with the U.S., including over China's increasing assertiveness toward self-ruled Taiwan.