Americans remain divided over how schools should handle the coronavirus pandemic, but parents support their local districts and teachers unions.
The Duchess of Cambridge dressed in one of her favorite styles as she spoke with teachers during Children's Mental Health Week.
The American Federation of Teachers sends off its nemesis with an easy-to-remember message.
"I do not know what my students sound or look like, as they rarely come off mute or turn their cameras on."
If we want any real chance at getting kids back into their typical routines, educators and school staff should be first in line, they argue.
Around the country, pockets of teachers have been protesting what they see as unsafe working conditions.
One Los Angeles teacher spent nearly $3,000 to get her home set up for distance learning during the coronavirus pandemic.
Some teachers are updating their wills as they prepare to go back to school.
Be patient. Read everything. Communicate — then communicate some more.
Whitney Reddick said she posted the mock death notice because she believes she and her colleagues are seen as "a tool in restarting an economy."