While working as a corrections officer, Demetrius Haley was accused of excessive force.
Mavis Christian Jr. is suspected in a shooting spree that killed four and critically injured a 15-year-old girl, all members of his family. His body was found Sunday.
The city ordinance, originally intended to block drag shows, is now being used as a basis to consider removing certain titles from public shelves.
“Speed kills. That’s how I’ll make it in pro ball,” Wylie, a former NFL receiver and kick returner, once declared.
Jillian Ludwig, 18, a first-year student at Belmont University in Tennessee, was shot in the head while walking in the park.
Fans worried something was amiss after her duet with the country rapper Jelly Roll on Wednesday.
Victims' families had gone to court so that the deceased shooter couldn't “terrorize us with words from the grave," said a parent at the school.
"I just see how broken-hearted they get,” the country music icon said of loved ones when asked about Tennessee’s new anti-trans laws.
Desmond Mills Jr. has also agreed to cooperate with prosecutors, who are recommending a 15-year sentence for his role in Nichols' death.
The result, though, wasn’t even close. Incumbent Ken Moore got almost four times the number of votes election-denier Gabrielle Hanson received.