The leading cause of death for pregnant women is homicide, most often by an abusive partner with a gun. And Texas is forcing victims to stay pregnant, while making it easier for abusers to get guns.
Officers helped wrangle the herd as the group roamed the streets of Arlington in a wild scene.
Authorities have not said what ignited the fires, but strong winds, dry grass and unseasonably warm temperatures fed the blazes.
Discrepancies in a key testimony, a recanted testimony and apprehension from two jurors had cast doubt on Ivan Cantu's conviction.
The largest blaze was spurred by fierce winds and scorched more than 200,000 acres in one day. It was 0% contained by Tuesday evening.
Shepard's mother, who says she witnessed numerous attempts to cancel the show in recent years, commented on the cancellation.
Audrii Cunningham's family friend Don Steven McDougal was charged with capital murder in connection to her death.
The student wears his hair up, but if let down, it would violate the school's hair length policy.
Gerald Goines' history of lying came to light in 2019 — meaning about 160 cases he was involved in need to be reexamined.
Raad Almansoori, 26, has been linked to attacks in other states, police say.