The New York Times

The former Trump adviser and election denier made the remark during CPAC.
The Ohio lawmaker's claim about the former president gets put to the test on X.
The former president was ordered to pay the newspaper and three reporters $392,638 in legal fees after he lost a lawsuit over coverage of his tax records.
Artificial intelligence companies scrape information available online, including articles published by news organizations, to train generative AI chatbots.
The New York Times suggests the unknown person who leaked the Dobbs opinion last year may have been a conservative.
The report indicates that Israeli commanders ignored long-ago warnings of the militants' plot.
"'For my friends, everything; for my enemies, the law.' That is how Donald Trump has operated," the MSNBC host said.
The letter comes in response to Sen. Tom Cotton demanding that the Times respond to "reports" of its staff being embedded with Hamas.
The New York Times' David French noted that the Bible lacks guidance on foreign policy, but has much clearer messaging on honesty.
David Brooks probably thought he was giving some food for thought when he tweeted about the price of his burger and the U.S. economy.