Tucker Carlson

The "Daily Show" correspondent also highlighted the "darker question" when it comes to Republicans and Russia.
The conspiracy-mongering congresswoman dug a hole big enough to hide one of those "Jewish space lasers" that she once protested against.
The far-right political commentator has “ended up where he should've been all along, which is interviewing Vladimir Putin," charged the Senate GOP leader.
The conservative lawmaker fired back at the right-wing video host.
The Texas Republican exposed the former Fox News personality's MO and said it boils down to one thing.
Josh Pieters and Archie Manners fooled Carlson with an extensive, fabricated story.
The former Fox News personality explained to NewsNation's Chris Cuomo why he attacked him so frequently when he was on CNN.
The “Daily Show” host tears into the ex-Fox News host over his fawning trip to Russia.
Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina wasn't having it with the former Fox News host's stop on his Moscow trip.
The late night host found the funny in the former Fox News host's softball questioning.