United Kingdom

For centuries, women in Olney, England, have run a pancake race to mark the day before the start of Lent.
Harry still has ongoing cases against the publishers of The Sun and Daily Mail over allegations of unlawful snooping.
A judge in London has thrown out a lawsuit by Donald Trump accusing a former British spy of making “shocking and scandalous claims” that were false.
“At best I have maybe a year, at worst maybe a little less,” said England’s first-ever foreign-born soccer coach.
Alex Batty's grandmother believes his mother and grandfather abducted the child in 2017 so they could live in a spiritual commune in Morocco.
The 6-foot-long pliosaur skull was discovered after pieces of it started to fall from an English cliff onto a beach.
Cameron’s appointment as foreign secretary brings back to government a leader brought down by Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.
The "Harry Potter" author reacted to reports about proposed tweaks to U.K. hate-crime guidance in the wildest way possible.
The legal age people can buy cigarettes would rise by one year, every year.