U.S. House of Representatives

Congress was supposed to put up a plaque honoring police officers who fought Donald Trump's mob, but there's been a holdup.
Several Republicans traveled to New York on Thursday, potentially depriving the committee of needed votes.
House Speaker Mike Johnson refused to say whether he'd accepted the 2020 election result or would accept the 2024 result.
The bill expanding antisemitism's definition to include criticism of Israel would only crack down on free speech rights of antiwar student protesters, critics say.
The bills will give GOP industry allies something to tout heading into the 2024 elections.
The Georgia congresswoman awkwardly placed a blue and yellow "MUGA" hat atop a poster of House leaders Mike Johnson and Hakeem Jeffries.
It’s unclear how delaying the vote on Johnson will affect the outcome, but it will certainly maximize attention on the Georgia Republican.
Iran’s April 13 attack laid bare a double standard in support for Ukraine and Israel — but it also broke the logjam that had hurt the Eastern European country.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said she plans to file a motion to vacate after the speaker worked with Democrats to pass a $95 billion package.
The measure, which has bipartisan Senate support, gives TikTok's Chinese parent company one year to divest itself of the popular video platform or get blocked.