U.S. House of Representatives

Faced with a Monday deadline, a compromise bill with big spending cuts is halfway to President Joe Biden’s desk.
Rising hostility among GOP hard-liners is putting Rep. Kevin McCarthy's position as House speaker in jeopardy.
Texas Democratic Rep. Al Green says nationality-based bans interfere with feds’ foreign relations role.
The freshman congressman was charged with financial crimes earlier this month.
They claim that the House lacked the two-thirds majority needed to expel Santos, but they blocked a vote that could prove that.
Naysa Woomer reportedly said she was "honored" to tender her resignation.
Biden ruled out cutting Medicaid benefits, but not changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
A Republican lawmaker says the ex-prosecutor repeatedly declined to answer questions at a closed-door meeting of the House Judiciary Committee.
The legislation would give states and prosecutors more incentive to go after imposter unemployment claimants.