Vice President

The right-wing South Dakota governor riled up critics with her gushy take on being Trump's potential 2024 running mate on Fox News.
Fox News’ resident judge went on a misogynistic tirade claiming the vice president is failing in her role.
The Florida governor addressed whether he'd be Trump's 2024 vice-presidential running mate.
The search followed the discovery of documents with classified markings by attorneys last month.
“Let me be clear: Those classified documents should not have been in my personal residence,” Pence said. “Mistakes were made.”
The State Bar said Eastman could be disbarred for making false and misleading statements that constitute acts of “moral turpitude, dishonesty, and corruption.”
In the letters, the rock legend tells his high-school sweetheart that he envisions changing his name and selling a million records.
The vice president suffered no injuries as a result of the incident.
While Trump still falsely claims the election was stolen from him a year and a half ago, Pence said, “Elections are about the future.”
The former vice president will headline a get-out-the-vote rally for Kemp on May 23, putting him in direct conflict with Trump-endorsed candidate David Perdue.