Vladimir Putin

The commander in chief of Ukraine’s Armed Forces had previously suggested a significant breakthrough in the fight against Russia is unlikely.
Flanked by Soviet-era monuments, the exposition paints Russia engaged in a civilizational battle against the West.
Trump preached about his administration’s sanctions on a Russian gas pipeline before naming the leader behind his self-proclaimed “tough” approach.
If the Russian president was not on the ballot next March, it’s not clear who might take his place.
The Republican lawmaker tried lauding the former president’s questionable foreign diplomacy skills on CNN.
Russia and China have forged an informal alliance against the U.S. and other democratic nations that is now complicated by the conflict in the Middle East.
“Honestly, I don’t understand any American siding with” the Russian president, the former U.S. secretary of state, added.
“The Russians have proved themselves to be quite adept at interfering and if [Putin] has a chance, he’ll do it again," Clinton told Jen Psaki.
But the Ukrainian leader warned his country is not prepared to hand over territory to Russia. “That is not the peace formula,” he said.
The Ukrainian president explained U.S. funding is not only helping his country but also serves a much greater cause in curtailing Vladimir Putin's ambitions.