Washington State

Trans people across the country are facing an assault on their right to exist — but being transgender in prison is uniquely difficult.
Authorities are trying to determine who sent suspicious letters, including some containing fentanyl or other substances, to local election offices in at least five states.
A police union leader under investigation has been taken off patrol duty for joking about the January death of Jaahnavi Kandula, who was hit by a cop car.
I’ve seen fun and laughter, and laughter and fun.” Seattle residents mocked a Fox News reporter for trying to address how they feel about crime in their city.
The city's residents were not buying the right-wing network's talking points.
The 22-year-old suspect told police he was “scared” when he fired a single shot, fatally striking Dan Spaeth, 37, outside his home.
A Seattle police union leader is being investigated for saying that the life of a young graduate student fatally hit by an officer had “limited value.”
Daniel Auderer suggested the woman struck and killed by a police cruiser had “limited value" -- but has since claimed his remarks have been misunderstood.
The panicking Seattle Seahawks quarterback could be heard uttering an exclamation that many fans said they would also yell if the Rams star were pursuing them.
Seattle college student Angelina Tran is dead after reportedly intervening in a dispute between her mother and stepfather, who is now charged with murder.