Washington State

“Luckily the 19 year old made it out alive," said officials in Mason County. "A lot of our rescues aren't so lucky."
The embattled aircraft manufacturer is at odds with the firefighters' union over a new contract. The union calls the lockout a safety risk.
Speculation by Joe Kent, currently running for Congress in Washington, is similar to the line taken by Russian state propaganda.
Kent, who is hoping to unseat Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez (D-Wash.), wants to pardon many convicted Capitol rioters.
Authorities in Washington state say former NFL star Richard Sherman was arrested early Saturday on suspicion of driving under the influence.
So far, only Colorado and Maine have said Trump should not appear on ballots in their states.
Emergency shutdown at a natural gas storage facility in Washington state threatens mass blackouts.
Two people were charged with manslaughter after their daughter allegedly swallowed brightly colored pills known as "rainbow fentanyl."
A lawsuit by a Seattle hospital says Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton asked for records regarding gender-affirming treatment potentially given to children from Texas.
A jury has cleared three Washington state police officers of all criminal charges in the 2020 death of Manuel Ellis.