White House

The many examples of Commander injuring people has prompted conversations about how the dogs may have made the White House an unsafe workplace.
The former White House aide fired back at the extremist Florida lawmaker.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has accused the Indian government of being involved in the assassination of a Sikh leader on Canada's soil.
The new office is to coordinate efforts across the executive branch agencies to reduce deaths and injuries from firearms, the White House says
The White House’s latest diss targeted the far-right representative from Florida.
The extremist Florida congressman said he knows whom to blame if there's a government shutdown — and it's not Joe Biden.
The former first lady's rare public statement isn't going over very well.
The far-right Republican said her vote would be conditional upon the launch of an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, among other things.
The GOP may have learned a lesson from its failed attack on the president: Don’t mess with man’s best friend.
"Being one of the first comes with a lot of responsibility,” Abdullah Hasan, the assistant press secretary leaving the Biden administration, told HuffPost.