White House

The White House is considering using provisions of federal immigration law to unilaterally enact a sweeping crackdown at the southern border.
A bribery allegation against Biden collapsed this week after the Justice Department said one of its informants had lied.
Officials did not offer many details on the weapon's capabilities.
The president answers questions about a right-wing conspiracy theory in his first posted video.
The former president doesn't understand how NATO works and believes it's some sort of protection racket in which nations can get roughed up if they don't pay their bills.
The “SNL” comedian is best known for his work on “Weekend Update” with Michael Che.
Their refusal comes a week after Arab and Muslim voters declined a meeting with senior officials in Michigan.
Austin did not inform President Joe Biden about his prostate cancer diagnosis until days after he was hospitalized due to complications from a procedure.
"You can't fight the Houthis, an enemy that is named nowhere in existing authorizations, without legal permission from Congress," Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy said.
The closely watched gauge of consumer sentiment has posted its biggest two-month increase since 1991, potentially easing a political headache for Joe Biden.