abby phillip

The CNN anchor fact-checked Carlson hard on a claim that even the Kremlin debunked.
The CNN anchor wickedly illustrated the irony of Trump's objection to being kicked off the ballot in Colorado.
“Congresswoman, you’re saying that’s what you think he’s saying but he was pretty clear," the CNN anchor told New York Republican Nicole Malliotakis.
New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu was blaming the "liberal media" for trying to distract voters.
The GOP presidential candidate relentlessly talked down to Abby Phillip in a CNN interview.
The ex-president’s housing secretary brought his dubious logic to CNN.
“How is making life more miserable for Gazans something that helps Israel?” the CNN anchor asked the Republican lawmaker.
Will Knight, who says the former coach ignored sex abuse claims by him and his teammates, blasted Rep. Elise Stefanik for describing Jordan as a hero.
“If you look at the recent history of Republican speakers, the cause of death becomes a little clearer,” said the CNN host.