In a narrow win for abortion rights advocates, a divided Oklahoma Supreme Court overturned a portion of the state’s near-total ban on abortion.
Republican Mark Gordon also allowed a separate measure restricting abortion to become law without his signature.
The new law also aims to ensure access to gender affirming healthcare related to distress over gender identity that doesn’t match a person’s assigned sex.
The state's only abortion clinic hopped across the state line to Minnesota over the summer, while the lawsuit proceeds.
The decision is raising concerns about how already overburdened hospitals will accommodate becoming the only place for legal abortions in the state.
Mifepristone, when combined with a second pill, has become the most common method of abortion in the U.S. and has been increasingly prescribed since Roe was overturned.
Republicans unveiled a bill that would create rape and incest exceptions to the state’s 1849 abortion ban and clarify when abortions that protect the health of the mother would be allowed.
A new bill from "pro-life" Republicans could make abortion a crime punishable by death.
Justyna Wydrzyńska, whose case has been closely followed by human rights groups, has been sentenced her to eight months of community service.
More than a dozen Democratic governors urged seven major U.S. pharmacies not to bow to political pressure on medication abortion.