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The Indian Child Welfare Act pushes for Native children to be adopted by Native families. With its constitutionality challenged, tribal sovereignty hangs in the balance.
Murders and other physical attacks are not the only threats to this growing population. The movement to ban, block and erase trans people is gaining traction across the U.S.
All of the risks we took — all the chances that could’ve led to death or jail — were merely to have access to things we couldn’t afford.
White America has always had an interest in the education of Black folks, but never for the purposes of our freedom.
The American Rescue Plan lifted 4 million children out of poverty. This legislation didn’t simply make life a little easier for some Americans. It saved lives.
America is at war with Black girls, and I, for one, don't plan to be "strong" about it anymore.
Police and the LGBTQ community have always had a strained relationship, so San Francisco Pride organizers didn't want uniformed cops in their parade. And it was a problem.
In a nation with the highest rate of gun ownership, Republicans have somehow concluded that we should add more guns.
From Black codes to sundown towns, a quiet threat has long hung over the lives of African Americans in the South.
Violence is entrenched in the United States' ethos. America is savage, and always has been.