Ari Melber

Ari Melber reminded the independent presidential candidate of one "clear position" that's a "very low bar."
The longtime GOP strategist, who's a Fox News contributor, played Democratic adviser for a moment in a "striking" interview.
The longtime Democratic strategist ripped North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson after his win in the state's GOP gubernatorial primary.
The former DNC chair said GOP voters "are about to get suckered with the biggest con job you have ever seen."
The MSNBC anchor hit election deniers with a quote from the hit movie.
Melber argued conservative media personalities look "very, very out of touch" in response to Swift cheering for Travis Kelce at a game on Sunday.
The ex-Trump aide, who aims to appeal his contempt of Congress conviction, said the former president has "been a rock on this."
An MSNBC panel pointed to how the singer's star power and lesson in "values" could impact a Biden-Trump rematch.
MSNBC obtained the footage of the longtime GOP operative scheming just two days after the 2020 election.
The former president tried "to outrun his fate" but just ended up "playing himself," explained the MSNBC anchor.