The former president will be asked to enter a plea for the 13 felony charges he faces.
The former White House chief of staff and former Justice Department official separately argued to bar their arrests as they seek to move the case to federal court.
The far-right lawmaker played Pollyanna with her bonkers take on ex-president's latest court appearance.
CNN's Kaitlan Collins said she was told the former president was "particularly" bothered by this quick reference.
The coup-attempting former commander in chief made history by becoming the first ex-president ever to be indicted on federal charges.
The former president said on Fox News that courthouse employees were crying and apologizing to him, but a source tells Yahoo! that's “absolute BS.”
From the U.K. to Brazil, the historic indictment of a former U.S. president is dominating headlines around the world.
"In order to raise the $130,000 he used to pay off Stormy Daniels, did he also rob a bank?" the "Late Night" host quipped.
The Friday arraignment comes after Batali was publicly accused of sexual misconduct by several women in 2017.