It's time to dismantle biases that prevent many people in our community from speaking up.
Our annual list of artists, activists, entertainers and entrepreneurs who are changing the way we think about the world around us.
The artist has been dissecting algorithm bias on social media, and she wants users — especially Black and brown people — to reclaim their space online.
The Los Angeles-based model is building a career around making art and advocating for people with disabilities.
The Ghanaian American photographer is increasing Black visibility in the media with Tonl, See In Black and other projects.
A man tried to get an appraisal for a Banksy piece he removed from a wall but ended up getting a lecture instead.
Prints, paintings and other artwork from modern Latinx artists on Etsy, Society6 and Saatchi Art.
While people are away, the members of Anonymouse will play.
“If you’re offended, you’re missing the point," say organizers of the "F**k Trump" campaign.
“I’m doing the same thing that my ancestors did. I’m just telling the stories that I care about, that I love and that are relevant to me,” Jeffrey Veregge says.