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Anderson became one of America’s longest-held hostages after he was abducted by Islamic militants in 1985.
While a handful of users were excited about the verification, others were frustrated, and feared they'd be charged for something they didn't ask for.
Lizelle Gonzalez sued the Starr County District Attorney's office and the county after she was wrongfully charged with murder over a self-induced abortion in 2022.
The toy company has asked the Murrieta Police Department to stop using Lego heads and emojis to cover people's faces in posts on social sites.
Prosecutors alleged that Michael Geilenfeld abused about 20 children over decades and forced four boys who lived in his orphanage in Haiti to engage in sexual acts.
The students were indicted Friday as adults on second-degree murder charges in the deadly beating of Jonathan Lewis, Jr., in November.
Cartoonist Patrick McDonnell is liberating an animal who has become for decades a symbol of the cruelty of dog chaining.
Some of the last surviving witnesses to the events surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy are among those sharing their stories.
The Return to Nature Funeral Home also allegedly let the bodies of 189 people decay and rot in a building 100 miles from Denver.
Matthew McCulloch has been charged with child endangerment, unlawful use of a weapon, armed criminal action and making a terrorist threat.