Attorney General

The campaign did not say whom Kennedy will pick, but NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura are among the frontrunners.
The incident happened as Alabama grapples with a controversial IVF ruling, which AG Steve Marshall said he wouldn't enforce.
A company executive testified that the "premium" would’ve padded the former president's net worth by nearly $145 million.
Indiana’s A.G. has sued the state’s largest hospital system, claiming it violated patient privacy laws when a doctor publicly shared the story of an Ohio girl who traveled to Indiana for an abortion.
The Republican attorney general told a court he has the right to pursue "criminal conspiracy" charges against anyone who aids in travel for abortion access.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's accusers say impeachment charges don't tell the full story of how the three-term Republican reaped the benefits of elected office.
Two patients sued Vanderbilt University Medical Center for violating their privacy by turning their records over to Tennessee’s attorney general.
Attorney General Gentner Drummond said "there is no provision of law in Oklahoma to throw elected officials out of office merely for saying something offensive.”
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is facing sudden new risks to his political future.
The ex-president's daughter and former adviser is catching heat for her emails.