"My parents’ narrative looked true — we seemed to be living a 'privileged' life. But the reality was very different."
Charlotte FC player Anton Walkes “was a truly incredible father, loving person and outstanding human being," his team director said.
The victims were dragged along the water until the parasail hit the old Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys.
The boat was sailing in an area known as a difficult place to maneuver boats, due to the rocky coastline and strong tide, when it sent a distress call on Saturday afternoon.
Experts weigh in on the safety of recreational boat outings in the age of COVID-19.
The 33-year-old actor had been reported missing while boating with her son last week and search efforts began shortly thereafter.
Trump is undermining the Interior Department, so check these out while you can.
Neither one was wearing a life preserver when they went kayaking in the Hudson River.