Bret Baier

The longtime network analyst says there's a single reason Republicans may not want him on the ballot next year.
The host even got a chuckle from Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the former House speaker, for the Republicans' failure to select someone new for the role.
The former president struggled with this question during a Fox News interview.
"It seems like deputy special counsel Bret Baier filleted the defendant today," conservative attorney George Conway joked.
"Don’t forget for every one you say, I had 10 who love us," the former president retorted.
Brit Hume tried to sum up Trump's latest attempt to defend himself, and it wasn't easy.
The Vermont senator won grudging admiration from Fox News for a brusque interview he did with the conservative network.
Texts obtained by The Daily Beast show the news anchor and the then-personality plotted how to win back viewers enraged by 2020 election coverage.
The former president told associates a few reasons why he doesn't want to share the debate stage with GOP opponents, according to The New York Times.
The longtime company executive died two weeks after suffering a heart attack.