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An attorney for the publisher of The Sun tabloid says emails from the Duke of Sussex indicated he could have brought a lawsuit in a timely manner.
"I’ve now temporarily stepped down as CEO of Sistah Space," Fulani said, adding that she doesn't regret going public with Lady Susan Hussey's remarks.
Anderson Cooper, Michael Strahan and Tom Bradby declined to let Buckingham Palace view their interviews with Harry before they aired.
The celebration will involve 1,400 soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians, with the royal family traveling through the city in carriages or on horseback.
Lady Susan Hussey and the British charity boss have met after the late monarch's lady in waiting faced a backlash for asking where she “really came from."
The reverend spoke hours after a spokesperson for the Prince of Wales condemned "unacceptable" comments from a member of the royal household.
Ngozi Fulani, the founder of U.K. charity Sistah Space, said that the royal household member asked her: "What part of Africa are you from?"
The queen became linked to Paddington bear after the two appeared together in a video during Platinum Jubilee celebrations earlier this year.
The new monarch's coronation is expected to be shorter and less extravagant than the three-hour ceremony that installed Elizabeth in 1953.