Buffalo Bills

During the post-game broadcast, Mahomes was shown running off the field after snowballs began to rain down on him at Highmark Stadium.
The Philadelphia Eagles center went all out while he and Taylor Swift cheered on Travis Kelce during Kansas City's win over Buffalo.
Dylan Brody Isaacs, 30, was returning to his vehicle with his friends when they had an altercation with the driver of another vehicle.
The Buffalo Bills player’s tattoo follows a year after he collapsed on field during a game in Cincinnati.
McDermott, who reportedly referred to the attacks in a 2019 team meeting, said he regretted not doing a "good enough job of communicating" his point.
"Tonight was everything for me," the Buffalo Bills safety said.
“I want to take ownership for what I said,” a team reporter wrote after her negative comments about a player went viral.
Former NFL receiver Mike Williams, who was injured in a construction accident two weeks ago and later put on a ventilator, has died at the age of 36.
Hamlin is preparing to take the next step in his recovery from a near-death experience during a regular-season game in January.