The "Phantom of the Opera" composer will miss the Broadway premiere of his new musical to be with family.
The actor, who said he is receiving treatment and is currently in remission, added that there's now "no cancer in my body."
"The moment didn’t feel at all how I’d imagined it would. Mom was loved so profoundly, so fiercely. How could her leaving be this small?"
A study finds long-term evidence that actively monitoring localized prostate cancer can be a safe alternative to immediate surgery or radiation.
The site of the removal on Biden’s chest has “healed nicely” and the president will continue regular skin screenings as part of his routine health plan, his doctor said.
"I think there is no greater cause to which I could have dedicated my efforts," he reflected on his life.
"My husband continued to feel unwell. He was booked in for a scan as a precaution. We weren’t too worried."
The president’s State of the Union speech will highlight new plans to combat cancer and fentanyl abuse.
The Maryland Democrat said treatment has been going well since he was diagnosed with diffuse large B cell lymphoma.