charlie kirk

X's Elon Musk is only one example of a prominent conservative who showcased their antisemitism this week.
The far-right congresswoman falsely equated migrants with drug traffickers during a rant about cartels.
The longtime Fox News host offers a reminder on a "failed presidency."
The far-right commentator said the former first lady and other supporters of affirmative action lacked the "brain processing power" to succeed on their own.
In light of Kari Lake's loss, an Arizona state senator appears to have had an epiphany about Republicans' "echo chamber."
Twitter users took issue with Charlie Kirk whining about "sexual anarchy" and Sean Spicer questioning the performances.
“Even on a spiritual level, it’s like bro, who are you?” Lecrae said after Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk suggested banning him from church performances.
“The president is wrong. There is no avenue left," Donald Trump's longtime friend said.
The Turning Point USA leader apparently thinks the number of counties a candidate wins matters more than the number of votes.