charlie sykes

"What happened today was truly amazing, even by our standards," Charlie Sykes said of the impeachment hearing.
"I don't see how this ends well for Kevin McCarthy," Charlie Sykes said of the Republican House speaker.
Charlie Sykes said Biden's messaging in a potential 2024 Trump matchup should come down to one blunt point.
"We're about to go into a very, very messy month," Charlie Sykes told MSNBC.
"In Donald Trump's mind, an atmosphere of fear, chaos and violence actually works for him," Charlie Sykes said.
Charlie Sykes broke down how “everything that's happening now will get worse."
Charlie Sykes explained what the former president "losing his mind" on social media amid developments in the classified documents case really means.
“We are at a perilous crossroads," J. Michael Luttig told conservative commentator Charlie Sykes.
Charlie Sykes questioned Ryan's apparent belief that he can "steer the network away from the craziness, and from bats**t crazy lies."
The Republican former House speaker-turned-Fox Corp. board member ducked conservative commentator Charlie Sykes' question about a red line.