classified documents

The ruling is a significant win for the DOJ, which has also focused on why the former president and his representatives resisted demands to return the files.
The search was part of the investigation into the potential mishandling of sensitive government records by President Joe Biden.
The pages were reportedly discovered during a search weeks ago at Mar-a-Lago under the supervision of Trump's legal team, and were turned over to the DOJ.
The president said in a new interview that his staff didn't "go thoroughly through every single piece of literature" when clearing out his old offices.
A briefing could be presented as early as this week, according to sources, but may not satisfy everyone.
“The hallmark of our handling of this has been cooperation," Ron Klain said.
Rep. Jim Jordan got schooled by NBC’s Chuck Todd after the Ohio Republican argued that the FBI is against Donald Trump.
"Biden didn't defy a subpoena, congressman," Chuck Todd told the Ohio lawmaker.
“Let me be clear: Those classified documents should not have been in my personal residence,” Pence said. “Mistakes were made.”
The Fox News host cooked up a doozy of a conspiracy theory following the discovery of classified documents at Pence's home.