classified documents

Writing to-do notes on classified documents is not as bad as another allegation in the report, the presidential hopeful said.
“She’s got just damning information,” former Georgia prosecutor Chris Timmons said on CNN.
The development could be used against the former president, suggested Charles Coleman Jr.
Yuscil Taveras' July grand jury testimony resulted in a superseding indictment against the former president and others in the classified documents case.
The conservative attorney has a stark warning for the former president.
Federal prosecutors said the witness, reportedly an IT director at Mar-a-Lago, has retracted “prior false testimony” after switching attorneys.
Despite Donald Trump’s three criminal indictments, Melania Trump hasn’t joined her husband for any of his court appearances.
De Oliveira, the Mar-a-Lago property manager, was charged in special counsel Jack Smith's superseding indictment in the classified documents investigation.
The conservative attorney had a stark warning for Mar-a-Lago employee Carlos De Oliveira.
“No tapes were deleted. He turned them over,” lawyer Alina Habba said of Mar-a-Lago security video. “He cooperated as he always does.”