College Football

The Big Ten banned Jim Harbaugh from coaching the rest of the Wolverines’ final regular-season games as punishment for an in-person-scouting and sign-stealing scheme.
Harbaugh was disciplined by the Big Ten Conference less than 24 hours before the Wolverines play at No. 9 Penn State in their toughest matchup of the season so far.
This critter got bitter when humans spoiled its run for gridiron glory.
The individual in the penis costume was asked to take it off or beat it, a university spokesperson said.
The finding against Mel Tucker stems from an investigation into claims lodged by a woman hired to speak to athletes about sexual violence prevention.
Michigan State said "inappropriate content by a third-party source" appeared on the videoboard before the Spartans played the Wolverines on Saturday.
Surprisingly, the referees didn't catch the outrageous cheap shot.
An Oregon coach told his players that the remark “doesn’t deserve your attention,” but it went viral.
Henry Blackburn's penalized takedown of Colorado's Travis Hunter reportedly left the two-way star with a lacerated liver.
Fans rushed the field after Deion Sanders' Colorado team beat Colorado State early Sunday in front of a full house packed with famous names.