Despite his vow to uphold the U.S. Constitution, Eric Adams said he “can’t separate” his Christian beliefs from his public duties.
“You know, you shouldn’t do that," the late night comedian told the former vice president.
Just a few days before the measure was set to go into effect, a judge found the pretrial release provisions to be a violation of Illinois’ constitution.
Judge Celene Gogerty found there was no process for reversing a permanent injunction that blocked the abortion law in 2019.
Amid swift backlash, the extremist Republican then deleted his tweet.
The independent state legislature theory came under harsh criticism, but at least three conservatives appeared supportive.
The talk show host threw the book at the former president for trying to "overthrow democracy" once again.
"The Late Show" host has had enough of Hunter Biden's laptop.
The independent state legislature theory is “historically implausible,” “antithetical” to the Constitution and rooted in an “utterly discredited” and “phony” historical document.
Trump "says a lot of things," noted Ohio Rep. David Joyce, who insisted he "can't be chasing every one of these crazy statements."