It's not COVID or the flu. If you've been sick for a few weeks and have tested negative for everything, here's what's going on.
The unmasked passenger was seen on viral video coughing on the driver, snatching his cellphone and ripping off his mask.
Malaysia King and Arna Kimiai coughed on their San Francisco driver and pepper-sprayed him after he stopped their ride for refusing to wear a mask, police said.
Cops are pursuing two women after shocking video shows them assaulting an Uber driver in a violent, expletive-laden tirade.
Viral video shows one passenger coughing on the driver and snatching his cellphone after he asked her to wear a mask. Another allegedly pepper-sprayed him.
The unmasked woman had her say on Instagram after viral video showed her coughing on a driver and grabbing his cellphone in San Francisco.
Denmark's top court has been asked to decide if coughing at someone while shouting “corona” constitutes threatening behavior.
When a cough doesn't go away, it could be more serious.
If you’re hacking away, there are things you can do besides cover your mouth.