Critical race theory

Sixty years ago, four Black girls died inside the 16th Street Baptist Church. The survivors of that bombing are still fighting racism.
The state’s Department of Education called the Advanced Placement class “indoctrination.”
“You’re worried that if you teach Black history, someone might get offended," one Florida librarian told HuffPost of Florida's culture wars.
"That’s not being woke, that’s being honest," the president said during his Martin Luther King Jr. Day remarks.
A new poll from the National Education Association found voters were more concerned about school shootings, funding and book bans than CRT.
Republicans still see openings on school closures, but "critical race theory" has faded as an issue.
About 300,000 teachers have left their jobs since 2020. Conservatives targeting those who support racial justice and LGBTQ students are making the shortage even worse.
The English instructor said a state law limiting discussions on race and gender has created an "impossible" learning environment for educators and students.
A Florida judge declared Gov. Ron DeSantis’ “Stop Woke Act” unconstitutional.
In a rare speech, the former vice president shrugged off Trump’s role in stirring up Capitol rioters, even though some were calling for his murder.