Melissa Hoskins, 32, was remembered by her family as a "freewheeling spirit, a giver with a big heart, patience and zest for life."
Fans gathering on the sides of roads and in villages as riders pass by is part of the tradition of the Tour, but many spectators can take too many risks.
The Tour de France champion was stripped of his titles after admitting to doping in 2013.
The current men’s category will be consolidated into a trans-inclusionary “open” category.
Get your ride in at home with these bikes for every type of cycler and budget.
Daniel Oss will be immobilized for several weeks and has dropped out of this year's race.
Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, who's wanted in the killing of professional athlete Anna “Mo” Wilson, is believed to have fled Texas days after the May 11th shooting.
The Dutchman vowed to shake off a sore knee and do his best.
The Slovenian won his first title last September when he became the Tour’s youngest champion in 116 years.
Organizers of the race first have to find the person who held a sign in the riders' path, triggering a violent pileup.