defense spending

After touting progress Wednesday night, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy saw a second attempt at considering a bill to fund the Pentagon derailed by party dissidents.
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says there will be another vote Thursday to begin consideration of the biggest annual spending bill, the one for defense.
Lawmakers are rushing to pass a $778 billion defense authorization bill for next year, but are dithering over $170 billion annually for the Build Back Better Act.
Normalizing budgetary bloat
Republicans and Democrats are getting closer on spending deals, but conservatives still want a say.
The Pentagon has never been audited. So how do Republicans know we need to spend even more on defense?
Want to make the Pentagon a better, more effective place? Force it to think.
Prioritizing defense spending over social uplift marks a step toward "spiritual death" in America.
The DOD doesn’t need a budget hike—it needs accountability, efficiency, and responsible spending.